Services offered by Design Network

This chart shows the major steps of the Product Development Cycle.

The name and exact definition for each step may differ slightly by industry segment but most will agree with the divisions and flow of information that must take place during each step.

Listed below are the services provided by the Design Network.

The numbered bullets shown on the chart correspond with these numbered services. Services which support each step of the development cycle. Understanding the process allows us to tailor the deliverable to reduce time and cost.

1Ideation sessionsFacilitate creative brainstorming to unlock fresh approaches to your products or problem.
2Concept sketchesClear visualization of your innovation will stimulate ideas from a wider audience.
3Computer renderingConvincing images allow early input from key customers and confirm your intentions.
4Graphic designConsistent appearance tells customers it is your product.
5Ergonomic evaluationUnderstanding human measurements will make your product fit customers like a glove.
63-D concept/sketch models Prototypes flush out problems early and spark innovation.
7Materials selectionPrice and performance can be obtained without sacrificing quality.
8Process selectionProcess is critical to continuous product improvement.
9Computer aided design (CAD)Create a database that can be reproduced in the desired process to reflect your products design intent.
10Finite element analysis (FEA)Optimizing the product’s structural design to reduce failures during the product’s life.
11Part drawing generation Thorough documentation so you know what you get will be what you want.