Design for Production

Production issues will make or break your product. Understanding of materials and processes is not enough in today’s environment.  Design for assembly and disassemble, with recycling of materials, have becoming important considerations.


Minimizing part count and using standardized fasteners throughout your operation are best practices for engineering and purchasing departments.

Ergonomic issues can be just as important for your assembly team as for your end user.  High volume manufacturers can measure the importance of these items. Smaller manufacturers can easily overlook the benefits of attending to these details.

Beauty inside Nikon Many times the beauty of the product is just under the skin. It can be enhanced by the techniques used in production and assembly. With the best designs, this beauty shows through to the consumer. Why is this important? Because it saves the manufacturer time and materials which relates to cost of the final product.

Design Network has a design team with the knowledge to give your production a major competitive advantage.